Yoga Class Descriptions

OM Myrtle Beach Class Descriptions

Unless specified otherwise, all classes are warm with a vinyasa format.
Vinyasa: Students coordinate movement with breath, using strength and control while flowing from one pose to the next.

Rising Sun

Smile at the rising sun with good vibing music and positive energy. Warm vinyasa with an emphasis on deep breath coupled with mindful movements opens even the most stubborn and sore muscles. Build fundamental strength to create balance in the body. Leave feeling energized with a clear and level mind. Great for ALL LEVELS, especially those who have a long, stressful day ahead of them.
**Perfect for pregnancy with modifications provided for twisting.

OM Body

This workout is as complete for the body as it is for the mind. Condition the arms and legs with an extended sun salutation warm up. Sculpt the muscles of the body with standing poses, balance poses and arm balances. Build strength by incorporating total body control as you learn to regulate breath, bandhas and drishti. Modifications are provided to make this practice accessible for ALL LEVELS. Ideal for those who desire physical and mental progress, as well as students seeking a deeper understanding of the practice.
**Great for pregnancy with modifications provided for twisting, folding and arm balances.

OM Core

An extended warmup and creative vinyasa practice places an emphasis on using breath and bandhas to control the muscles of the abdomen. Learn to use twisting and folding to tone and strengthen the abdominals, then focus on using this strength to advance arm balances and inversions. Detoxify the body and get rid of bloating caused by excess stress, sugar and booze. Perfect for those who feel weak in transitions, disconnected in forward bends, difficulty twisting and/or unstable in inversions. ALL LEVELS.
**Suitable for pregnancy with careful attention to instruction and modifications provided for twisting, folding and arm balances.

OM Fire

Class temperature is very hot–over 90 degrees–with energetic, lighthearted music and fun sequencing. Learn to balance strength with flexibility and use Ujjayi breath to calm the senses. Expect to sweat like crazy and leave feeling purged of toxins and negative energy. Great for impatient people, tight muscles, stubbornness and anxiety. Suitable for ALL LEVELS.
**Not encouraged for second or third trimester of pregnancy. Consult your doctor first if you have blood pressure issues.

OM Ashtanga

This class always begins with the Standing Sequence of Ashtanga, followed by poses from the primary series or a fusion of the primary and second series. Music is energizing but not distracting. The eight limbs of Ashtanga are commonly discussed, along with direction on how to advance certain areas of this ancient practice. Great for building strength, athletes, aging bodies, those who need structure & discipline, Type A personalities and yogis who have a hard time sitting still. Suitable for all levels. **Wonderful for pregnancy with modifications provided for twisting and deep folds.

OM Hippy

Build strength and increase flexibility in the hips, thighs and legs. Sun salutations, standing poses and balance poses warm muscles and awaken tight areas of the hips, while arm balances and restorative backbends energize the body. The overall focus on deep hip openers paired with breathing techniques and use of bandhas calms the nervous system and reduces stress levels. Great for athletes with tight muscles, runners, aging bodies or those with stiff backs & hips, anxiety or emotional issues. Ideal for anyone pursuing a deeper knowledge of the practice.
**Hip openers are beneficial for pregnancy! Modifications provided for twisting.

OM Base

This practice hones in on the fundamentals of a balanced yoga practice. Learn how to build a firm foundation while gaining a deeper knowledge of proper form and technique. Expect a well-balanced mixture of standing poses, twists, balance poses, seated poses, hip openers, backbends and inversions. While this class is ideal for beginners, it is challenging enough for experienced practitioners. Modifications as well as options to deepen the poses give plenty of room for variations, advancement and restoration.
**Perfect or pregnancy with modifications provided for all twisting.


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