Intention: Reinvention

Intention: Reinvention

“Don’t look for ways to fit your body into the pose; look for ways to fit the pose into your body.” (Said by ME! 😉)

In a physical yoga practice the structure of the pose is unchanging, but there are countless forms that can be used within this realm. As I open myself to more variations I realize there is no cap on personal growth. Variations of life present themselves to you every day and you are free to reinvent yourself at any moment. You can change your hair, your clothes, your direction…so why not your practice?

Drop your knees in chaturanga to gain control of the upper body. Take your inversions back to the wall so you can stay up longer. Redefine what the Yamas and Niyamas mean to your life at this very moment as opposed to when you first discovered them.Have you discovered them? Perhaps your spiritual practice has been sitting on a shelf and needs to be dusted off.

Embrace change. Explore your body and find a way to make it more receptive to your practice. Give yourself time to do the work that needs to be done. This is your life; this is your practice. 🙏🏼

After two years of personal growth I have decided it is time for me to reinvent my blog. I have learned a lot–as a woman, a mother, a yogi. I am coming back with a similar direction but a very different perspective. I look forward to sharing my life practices with you! 🌟

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